About the Brand


A modern story about the hometown, the new generation, about those who create a new world and discover Ukraine to everyone.

Combining unisex , street-wear and a modern wardrobe base, SUPPORT by POUSTOVIT is not only about clothes. The world is changing, and this project is our reaction and response to what is happening around us. 

We are creating a kind of bridge between street fashion and everyday life, uniting the best creative youth of Ukraine in this project. We offer the highest quality and the most affordable product.

This is how we described the project 6 years ago, while creating it. But last year these words acquired new meanings. And we began to do even more things dedicated to Ukraine. And even more hoodies and t-shirts with Ukrainian inscriptions, flags and chestnuts appeared on the streets of Kyiv and various cities around the world. Our country, its capital and its extraordinary inhabitants imperceptibly for themselves became heroes in the conditions of war.

SUPPORT BY POUSTOVIT is inspired by the modern generation, their way of life, their patriotism and staying true to themselves. We get inspiration from responsibility, the environment, music, art, street and club culture – everything that life consists of.


Kyiv and its symbolism for ukraine was the general inspiration of the first collection and the constant driver of our style.

“Our new project is about the modern generation, positive and creative. All people working on the project are not older than 30 years old, they are from various fields of activity: graphic designers, artists, musicians, stylists, photographers – the best Ukrainian talents in my opinion,”

commented Lilia Pustovit, creator and curator of the project.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine we donate 30% of the profit from each sale to The Armed Forces needs.

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